About Us 

The Rhythm Orchestra®, is the oldest and most popular music band in North Bengal, Sikkim, Assam, Meghalaya, Bihar, Nepal and Bhutan. This orchestra has been entertaining people musically for more than four decades now. Over the years, this band has garnered immense love, respect and popularity from the people and music fraternity alike. 

Founded by Sri Alok Sengupta (Bappa Da) way back in 1973, the Rhythm Orchestra® has come a long way to be what it is today. This band has a legacy that needs to be carried on and now, we are back to provide our listeners the best musical experience possible. We have only one motive, to give our audience a musical treat that they will cherish forever. 


Sri Alok Sengupta {Bappa Da}  (1955-2013) - Founder 

Founder of The Rhythm Orchestra®, was an well known musician and personality, who first came up with this idea of orchestra programs in this part of the country way back in 1973 and literally started the culture of band music in North Bengal. He single handedly took the band to the top position, and eventually The Rhythm Orchestra became the best known band throughout a huge geographical area covering not only eastern and north-eastern India but Nepal and even Bhutan. He made The Rhythm Orchestra® synonymous to quality musical programmes which people still cherish to this day. 


Ayon Sengupta - Present Owner 

Son of Sri Alok Sengupta and the present owner of The Rhythm Orchestra®, Ayon Sengupta is fully dedicated to continue the legacy of this band. Being a composer, he is always in search of innovation in the music this band performs. He encourages both accurate as well as improvised representation of songs. He is on an ambitious mission to organise the whole band system and provide the audience the same high quality musical programs that people are accustomed to, when it comes to The Rhythm Orchestra®. 

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